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Learn how to install the Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” at home

Far Infrared Panel Heaters in Spain and Portugal
Easy installation for comfort heating

Infrared Panel Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating can be installed by yourself without a need for professional electricians. All Royal Infrared Heating products are designed primarily for ease of use and efficient heating. You only need to make four holes, use screws, dowels and mount the panel to the wall. Below you can see detailed installation instructions. User manual, drilling template, screws and dowels are included with each product.

Do you need assistance with the installation? E-mail us for more details at info@royal-infrared.es.

Make sure remove all the protective films(both on the front and back)!

Instruction for Wall Mounting

IMPORTANT: this model is for wall mounting only!

1. Choose the mounting position, keep the required minimum distances.
Distances required for device mounting
Minimum 30cm
Minimum 10cm
Minimum 10cm
Minimum 50cm
2. Mark the positions for the bore holes onto the drilling template (D) if there are no existing marks. Stick the drilling template on the wall. Drill the holes with an 8mm rotary bit.
3. Insert the screws into the dowels and fasten the screws. The screws should protrude approx.0.5 cm from the dowels.
4. Hang the infrared heating device (A) in.
5. Slide the device to make the screws into the correct positions as showing in below drawing.
6. Plug in (to socket or to Smart Thermostat "Avis S") to start using the heating device . Do pull out the plug when not in use.
Far Infrared Heaters for efficient heating

Efficient Heating Solution with Low Energy Consumption for all indoor and covered outdoor areas in Spain and Portugal

White and Frameless Infrared Panel Heaters for walls. Beautiful discreet appearance with thickness of only 2,5cm

Frameless Infrared Mirror Heaters for wall. The perfect combination of high-quality mirror, infrared heater and LED backlight

Infrared Towel Rail Heaters for wall. Dual heating technology: warms towels and heats bathroom or any indoor area

Smart Infrared Heaters for wall and ceiling. Temperature control with app, voice and remote control. Enjoy 4 power settings for the best experience

Go Infrared and Solar

The most efficient and least expensive heating solution in 2021-2022


Far Infrared & Solar Heating is organic, safe and used a lot in the sports and health facilities

Save Electricity

Far Infrared & Solar Heating is a non-convective type of heating and consumes less power


Use smart app and voice to control the heat and make it a part of your Smart Home

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