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Far Infrared Heating/Heaters for the villa in Orihuela, Spain

Efficient heating solution provided by Royal Infrared Heating

Type of the property

Townhouse with open space living and dining area


Orihuela, Alicante, Spain


Spanish building with low insulation and old windows

Floor number

1 floor

Initial heating

Air conditioning 

Target heating areas

1. Living area of 21m²; 2. Dining area of 18m²; 3. Hall with stairs of 12m²

Quick story 

The property had been always used as a vocational property, but after the COVID time the owners decided to live permanently in Spain. However, the existing heating solution, AC, was not efficient enough and consumed too much electricity.


The installation was performed by a local professional electrician who was recommended by the team of Royal Infrared Heating.

Solution by Royal Infrared Heating

Living area: x1 Far Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” 900W. The panel was mounted in the center of the main wall in the living area, 1m above the flor. To control the temperature and set timers, the heater was wired to the Mains powered WiFi Thermostat “Poer 26” which was installed next to the panel for a comfortable panel usage.

Dining area: x1 Far Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” 580W. The panel was mounted next to the window just in front of the table for the best heating experience. The unit was also wired to a separate Mains powered WiFi Thermostat “Poer 26”.

Hall: x1 Far Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” 580W. The panel was mounted on the main wall in the hall facing the stairs and wired to the Mains powered WiFi Thermostat “Poer 26”.

Go Infrared and Solar

The most efficient and least expensive heating solution in 2021-2022


Far Infrared & Solar Heating is organic, safe and used a lot in the sports and health facilities

Save Money

Far Infrared & Solar Heating helps you to reduce bills for the electricity and water


Use smart app and voice to control the heat and make it a part of your Smart Home

Would you like to have a personal consultation? 

Contact us now for a free consultation! Our team takes a personal approach to each customer, providing an individual solution. We will be happy to arrange a call or to prepare a detailed e-mail. On request and availability (depends where you live) our team can also schedule a visit for a product demonstration.

Royal Infrared Heating Reviews

Average rating: 4.83 based on 371 reviews

Smart Far Infrared Heater "Velit Sol" 250-1000W

Thanks for the fast delivery and good heaters. Have just installed 2 of them in my living room of 45 meters,

Far infrared panel heater in Spain and Portugal

Far Infrared Panel Heater "Domus" 900W

We just bought 2 panels. One for the living room and one for the sleeping room. We tried the panels in a short period and already noticed that it is a really super feeling of nice heating system. And besides that the service is perfect!

Far infrared panel heater in Spain and Portugal

Far Infrared Panel Heater "Domus" 900W

Was slightly above my budget but good quality. We use it for 2 years already. Last winter was very cold but 5 panels that we have heated the house perfectly. Just ordered the rail heater for shower.

Far Infrared Mirror Heater "Repulsus" 500W LED

We got the 500 wats version for our bathroom of 11 meters. Heats in 3 minutes. Nice after shower.

Smart WiFi thermostat to control Far Infrared Heater

Mains powered WiFi Thermostat "Poer 26"

We tried different control for our heating system but this one is the best. So easy to setup and configure all what you need. I really love the possibility to make changes via voice controls. We use Google home. We can definitely recommend the poer 26 control to everyone.

Far Infrared Towel Rail Panel Heater "Linteum" 580W

We used the old style towel rails with hot water which was supposed to heat our bathroom but in fact it did not anything. This rail is very diiferent. Very hot and heats our 9 square meters bath within minutes. But I would love to have it with 2 rails instead of one.

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