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Learn more about health benefits of infrared heating

Royal Infrared heating is 100% organic

Infrared heating is a natural way of obtaining heat, just as in nature from the sun. It is therefore a completely safe type of heat.

Heat is created by far infrared radiation. It is the same kind of heat that we feel from the environment heated by the sun. In other words, it is radiant heat that radiates naturally.

Comfortable for humans are those waves that are absorbed and radiated back by the environment. These waves are called far-red and mid-red radiation. As a matter of fact the Royal Infrared Heaters are approved by certifications in Spain as well as in Europe and other parts of the world.

Infrared heating eliminates dampness

In fact one of the many features of infrared heating is that it eliminates dampness in rooms and buildings and prevents the formation of more damp.

Dampness affects human health as it is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

For instance convection heaters work in the opposite way, heating the air rather than the room. Hence this creates ideal conditions for condensation. Thus the infrared heating is the best heating solution for many people.

Infrared heating is non-convective

In fact infrared heating does not encourage the transfer of dust and bacteria through the air. Conversely infrared heaters warm the surface of the room directly.

Thus the Royal Infrared Heating is the best heating alternative. Especially during the COVID time. A time when we want to prevent the transfer of the virus through the air.

Is infrared heating good for humans or pets?

To answer this question, you need to understand what infrared heaters radiate and compare this to a natural source of heat – the sun.

Our favourite sun

We can’t imagine life, not a single day, without the sun, can we? It has everything to do with heat. Not to mention the fact that no biological process can be complete without the warmth of the sun, it’s hard to imagine life without the warmth that the sun gives us. The sun’s rays not only heat the surface, but also warm us humans from the inside out.  In a direct sense, the sun’s rays penetrate our bodies and heat them from the inside out. Infrared heaters work in the same way.

Is the sun always useful?

But, wait, is the sun always harmless? No, not always. The sun emits three types of infrared waves – long, medium and short. The short wavelengths can harm humans and damage skin cells. That’s why it’s not advisable to be in direct sunlight at certain hours without wearing sunscreen. Far infrared waves are used to transmit heat, so they are 10 times more beneficial for humans and have health benefits in addition to providing a good mood.

And what kind of waves do infrared heaters emit?

Only far infrared waves and only for heat transmission. These are the same waves that we feel from the sun. That’s why infrared heaters by Royal Infrared feel like the sun’s rays. They are not only harmless but also beneficial to humans. Just like the sun’s rays, they penetrate surfaces, objects, furniture, interiors, exteriors and people.

What beneficial properties can be expected from infrared heaters by Royal Infrared?

For starters, it is warmth and a good mood. Improvement of well-being and warming of muscles and joints. Also remember that infrared heaters prevent dampness, which also has a positive effect on the health of all members of your family. There are many illnesses that can be caused by too much dampness in a room. In addition to all of the above, infrared heaters do not dry out the air or cause air to spread. They are therefore very suitable for people with allergies.

Can I get burnt if I touch the infrared heaters?

There are different kinds of infra-red heaters. We cannot speak for other companies, but Domus infrared panels only heat up to 90 degrees Celsius. This temperature is safe to touch. It will be hot and it is best to avoid direct contact.

How do pets react to infrared heaters?

Pets are more susceptible to heat and appreciate it much more than people. We have learned from experience that pets love to spend time lying in front of Domus infrared panels. Warmth guarantees health and good mood.

Would you like to know more about infrared heaters? Write to us or fill in the contact form.

Royal Infrared Heating Reviews

Average rating: 4.84 based on 343 reviews

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S2"

Worth to look at and try. Really nice feeling as described. I like the features it has, especially the Chromotherapy. Danke!

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S4"

Big and pleasant! Perfect size for our villa, we are very pleased with the service Royal Infrared Heating provided. Leo, thanks for making my dream true.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S4"

it is indeed very quality product. Recommend it to everyone, you will love it. The feeling is just unforgettable.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S3"

it is indeed very quality product. Recommend it to everyone, you will love it. The feeling is just unforgettable.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S2"

it is indeed very quality product. Recommend it to everyone, you will love it. The feeling is just unforgettable.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S2"

We preordered the Balnera S2 in May and have it delivered by June. Really nice quality! The door handle is simply perfect. Thanks for a great product!

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