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Infrared heating (heaters) for the three-storey house in San Javier, Murcia, Spain

Efficient heating solution provided by Royal Infrared Heating

Type of the property

Three-storey house of 120m²


San Javier, Murcia, Spain


Typical Spanish building with low insulation, simple windows


3 floors

Initial heating

Air Conditioner for indoor heating

Target heating areas

  1. Living area of 27m²
  2. Hallway (1st floor) of 13m²
  3. Hallways with stairs (2nd floor) of 14m²
  4. Bedroom (2nd floor) of 15m²

Quick story 

The owner lives in the three-storey house in the Murcia area – San Javier. The first floor has a large lounge area with a semi-combined kitchen, dining area and hallway leading to the bathroom and bedroom.

The second floor has 3 bedrooms and a big hallway.

The owner contacted Royal Infrared in October to be ready for the cold time on the Costa Blanca. She wanted to heat the lounge, all hallways and master bedroom – the areas where the owner spends most of the time.

After the visit Royal Infrared Heating team suggested to install one Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” 900W and one Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” 580W to the first floor which is enough to have a comfortable heating close to the sitting area and main hallway. Eventually the heat will also reach kitchen and dining area as well as bathroom and bedroom because they are close to the main hallway, where a smaller panel was installed.

On the second floor it was very important to heat the hallway to stop the flow of cold air entering the bedrooms. One Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” 580W was recommended to be mounted there, which solved the cold air problem and provides a cozy heat. Also the owner wanted to have the master bedroom heated well. One Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” 580W was suggested to mount on the wall above the bed.

All panels are controlled with the plug-in thermostats “Avis S” that are connected to the smartphone of the owner, her family and friends.

Solution by Royal Infrared Heating

Living area: x1 Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” 900W and x1 Plug-in Smart Thermostat “Avis S”  (temperature controlled with the app (IOS, Android) and voice commands (Alexa, Google Home).

Each thermostat can be controlled manually to turn a panel on/off and is paired to the Smartlife app to have app and voice controls. The owners can control the panels remotely using their smartphones from any place, even if they are not home. Set temperature you want to have and enjoy it. This is great, especially when you want to have a comfortable temperature at home by the time you are back home. You can also program each day of the week separately and choose the best hours for the panels to go on and off. Adjust the temperature and use group controls for the best experience with Royal Infrared Heating.


The installation was done on the next week by a professional local electrician. However, in case of using the plug-in Thermostat Avis S, professional installation is not required. Each panel can be mounted by anyone who has a drill. All components for the mounting come with each panel.

All thermostats were paired to the smartphone of the owner.

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Royal Infrared Heating Reviews

Average rating: 4.84 based on 343 reviews

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S2"

Worth to look at and try. Really nice feeling as described. I like the features it has, especially the Chromotherapy. Danke!

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S4"

Big and pleasant! Perfect size for our villa, we are very pleased with the service Royal Infrared Heating provided. Leo, thanks for making my dream true.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S4"

it is indeed very quality product. Recommend it to everyone, you will love it. The feeling is just unforgettable.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S3"

it is indeed very quality product. Recommend it to everyone, you will love it. The feeling is just unforgettable.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S2"

it is indeed very quality product. Recommend it to everyone, you will love it. The feeling is just unforgettable.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S2"

We preordered the Balnera S2 in May and have it delivered by June. Really nice quality! The door handle is simply perfect. Thanks for a great product!

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