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How easy to install the Far Infrared Heaters?

Why infrared heating and heaters are better than other heating systems?When planning the future installation of your new Far Infrared Heaters or even before taking a decision you really want to know all about the installation process. Unlike other brands the Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating can be installed even without help of electrician. Each product we provide has a mounting set which usually included drilling template, screws, dowels and installation guideline. On average it take from 10 to 30 minutes to install one of our Far Infrared Heater. Including White Panels, LED Mirrors, Towel Rails and Smart Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating.

To choose the correct Far Infrared Heater we strongly recommend to read the article “Which Far Infrared Heater to choose in Spain and Portugal?”.

Where to install my Far Infrared Heater?

First of all it is necessary to decide where to mount the Far Infrared Heater. As you might already know, the Far Infrared Heating is spread evenly and reaches each part of the heated area (depends on a heater). Thus the position of the heater does not matter a lot. You can easily base your decision on the interior design preferences you have.

Far Infrared Panel Heater looks simple, stylish and impressiveKeep in mind that some Far Infrared Heaters like Far Infrared Panel Heater “Domus” can be installed only on the wall, not the ceiling. The heating element of any Infrared Panel is not enough to be mounted on the ceiling if you want to heat the floor. Consequently the best location to install Far Infrared Panels is a wall. As mentioned above, you can mount the heater on any place of a wall based on your preferences.

If you still want save space on your walls and mount the Far infrared Heater(s) on a ceiling, you will be interested in the Smart Far Infrared Heater “Velit Sol”. It can mounted both on a wall and ceiling. Moreover the heater can be mounted not only in all indoor areas but also in covered areas like patio and conservatory room.

What are the installation methods of the Far Infrared Heater by Royal infrared Heating?

  1. The easiest and plug-in 

To mount any Far Infrared Heater by Royal Infrared Heating at home yourself without assistance of electrician or installer, you can simply drill 4 holes in a wall, mount your heater and plug it in a socket. To control a temperature in a heated area you can use one of our thermostats – in-built (smart heaters “Velit Sol”) or plug-in (panels “Domus” and towel rails “Linteum”). Both of them can be controlled with the smart app and voice controls. Enjoy the smart and comfortable heating with Royal Infrared Heating in Spain and Portugal. 

This installation method is recommended for those who want to test Far Infrared Heaters or simply needs to install a single heater. For the best experience and the perfect appearance we recommend the second method which is described below.

2. The perfect and wired

To make the perfect installation when no cable is visible and is hidden inside of a wall/ceiling or in a cable box 9when there is no another solution), the heaters by Royal infrared Heating can be wired to a mains of your house. For this you will most probably need a help of a professional electrician or installer. The idea behind is very simple: to mount a heater by drilling 4 holes in a wall/ceiling and wire a cable to the nearest electric box. In case of panels “Domus” and towel rails “Linteum” a thermostat “Poer 26” must be also wired to a heater.

Far Infrared Heaters in Villamartin, Orihuela Costa, SpainThe Smart Infrared Heater “Velit Sol” does not even need an extra thermostat, because it has an integrated one. You can easily control the heater with the remote control or via app and voice controls.

This installation method is perfect when you want to maintain a beautiful interior design of your property especially without seeing cables on walls/ceilings.

Royal Infrared Heating can always assist you with selecting a local electrician in your area. Simply get in touch with us. 

Do you still have doubts about Far Infrared Heating? Not sure if it is efficient enough? We strongly recommend to read the article “Why Far Infrared Heating is better?”.

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it is indeed very quality product. Recommend it to everyone, you will love it. The feeling is just unforgettable.

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it is indeed very quality product. Recommend it to everyone, you will love it. The feeling is just unforgettable.

Low EMF Infrared Sauna "Balnera S2"

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