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Health benefits of Far Infrared Heating

Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating are 100% organic and safe to use. To fully understand why, let’s discover what Far Infrared Heaters radiate and compare them to a natural source of heat – the sun.

Our favourite sun

We can’t imagine life, not a single day, without the sun, can we? It has everything to do with heat. Not to mention the fact that no biological process can be complete without the warmth of the sun, it’s hard to imagine life without the warmth that the sun gives us. The sun’s rays not only heat the surface, but also warm us humans from the inside out. In a direct sense, the sun’s rays penetrate our bodies and heat them from the inside out. Far Infrared heaters work in the same way.

Is the sun always harmless?

But, wait, is the sun always harmless? No, not always. The sun emits three types of infrared waves – far, medium and short. The short wavelengths can harm humans and damage skin cells. That’s why it’s not advisable to be in direct sunlight at certain hours without wearing sunscreen. Far infrared waves are used to transmit heat, so they are 10 times more beneficial for humans and have health benefits in addition to providing a good mood.

What kind of waves do Far Infrared Heaters emit?

Only Far Infrared Waves and only for heat transmission. These are the same waves that we feel from the sun. That’s why heaters by Royal Infrared Heating feel like the sun’s rays. They are not only harmless but also beneficial to humans. Just like the sun’s rays, they penetrate surfaces, objects, furniture, interiors, exteriors and people.

What benefits can be expected from Far Infrared Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating?

First of all, it is warmth and a good mood. Improvement of well-being and warming of muscles and joints. Also remember that infrared heaters prevent dampness, which also has a positive effect on the health of all members of your family. There are many illnesses that can be caused by too much dampness in a room. In addition to all of the above, infrared heaters do not dry out the air or cause air to spread. They are therefore very suitable for people with allergies.

Can I get burnt if I touch the Far Infrared Heater?

There are different kinds of infrared heaters. We cannot speak for other companies, but our Far Infrared Panels Domus, Mirrors Repulsus and Towel Rails Linteum & Linteum S have the average surface temperature of 75-90 degrees Celsius. This temperature is safe to touch. It will be hot and it is best to avoid direct contact, however, completely safe. Whereas the surface of the Smart Far Infrared Heater Velit Sol can reach 135 degrees Celsius. Thus it must be only installed 2m above the floor/ground to avoid any touching. However, even the Velit Sol is safe for personal use. Just follow the instructions.

How do pets react to infrared heaters?

Pets are more susceptible to heat and appreciate it much more than people. We have learned from experience that pets love to spend time lying in front of infrared heaters by Royal Infrared Heating. Warmth guarantees health and good mood.

No bacteria spread

There is zero air circulation while using Far Infrared Heating. Especially during the COVID time it is very important to prevent any virus spread indoor and outdoor.

Prevents the dampness formation

Moreover, due to the fact that the Far Infrared Waves get inside of walls and ceiling, there will be no dampness any more. In buildings where there is already a problem of dampness and wet walls, it takes 2-4 weeks to solve the problem completely while using heaters by Royal Infrared Heating.

Recommended by specialists

You can have a consultation with your doctor to investigate more about positive effects of Far Infrared Waves which are highly recommended.

Used for hospitals, clinics and sport and spa centres 

Heaters by Royal Infrared Heating are widely used in Spain and Portugal. Our heaters are used in health and sport organisations to fulfil heating and consumption needs. Did you hear about Hot Yoga? Using Far Infrared Heaters as the main heat source for the Hot Yoga is a modern solution.

Are you ready to go Infrared? Or still thinking about it? Let’s have a personal consultation to discuss your heating needs personally. Send us a message or fill in the contact form.

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Smart far infrared heater in Spain and Portugal

Smart Far Infrared Heater "Velit Sol" 450-1800W

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Smart far infrared heater in Spain and Portugal

Smart Far Infrared Heater "Velit Sol" 450-1800W

I found Royal Infrared Heating to be very professional in all dealings and I am very happy with the products and the installation. I would recommend without hesitation.

Smart far infrared heater in Spain and Portugal

Smart Far Infrared Heater "Velit Sol" 450-1800W

Royal infrared heaters I can only highly recommend stylish and efficient

Smart far infrared heater in Spain and Portugal

Smart Far Infrared Heater "Velit Sol" 450-1800W

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A very curtious sales experience with up to date info of the equipment and hands on assistance in starting the WiFi- driven control thermostat.

Far Infrared Heaters for efficient heating

Efficient Heating Solution with Low Energy Consumption for all indoor and covered outdoor areas in Spain and Portugal

White and Frameless Infrared Panel Heaters for walls. Beautiful discreet appearance with thickness of only 2,5cm

Frameless Infrared Mirror Heaters for wall. The perfect combination of high-quality mirror, infrared heater and LED backlight

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Smart Infrared Heaters for wall and ceiling. Temperature control with app, voice and remote control. Enjoy 4 power settings for the best experience

Go Infrared and Solar

The most efficient and least expensive heating solution in 2021-2022


Far Infrared & Solar Heating is organic, safe and used a lot in the sports and health facilities

Save Electricity

Far Infrared & Solar Heating is a non-convective type of heating and consumes less power


Use smart app and voice to control the heat and make it a part of your Smart Home

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