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Learn how to connect the Smart WIFI Thermostat to your smartphone to control infrared heating

Mobile app to control smart thermostat "Avis S"
Smart heating with Royal Infrared

Royal Infrared Smart Controls and Thermostat “Avis S” make home heating even more convenient. Control the infrared heating in every room via your smartphone. Turn on the heating when you’re away from home and program the Avis S thermostat by day of the week. Use the app with your loved ones – anyone you want can have access.

Here are detailed instructions on how to connect the Avis S thermostat to your smartphone. It’s very quick and anyone can do it within 3 minutes. These instructions are included with every Avis S thermostat. If you still have questions, contact the Royal Infrared team for technical support.

1. Connect your phone to WIFI(2.4GHz network ).
2. Scan and install below Smart Life APP, and Register an account.
3. Plug the WIFI thermostat into a socket and hold the button 5-10 seconds UNTIL the indicator is blinking.
NOTE: same operation needed when WiFi hotspot changed, WiFi password changed, or cell phone changed.
4. Click Smart Life App to enter main interface, Select room name and click “Add Device” or the upper right corner “ ○,+ ” icon. A pop-up window appears as below picture.
5. Click “Go to add”. In next page click“○,+”to add a bluetooth device, and a Enter Wi-Fi Password dialog will pop-up as following.
6. Enter Wi-Fi password, click“Confirm”,It will automatically enter the next step for WIFI connection. The device will be added successfully after waiting for 20-30 seconds. And meantime the red indicator on the thermostat lights up. You can name this device, e.g. “Infrared panel heater”.
NOTE: If the connection is timed out in Step 6, please unplug the wifi thermostat from power socket for 10 seconds, and then Repeat Step 3-6.
Main interface of the Smart Life APP after thermostat connected successfully is as this image.
Click the green switch(in main interface) to turn on/off the power supply of the heater, the indicator light color is blue, blue light up means the thermostat has been powered on. You can also press the button of the thermostat to turn on/off, and meantime the color of this icon in the APP will change accordingly. You are all set - now you can control the infrared heating with your smartphone. Read more how to control the smart application.

Important notes

  1. Thermostats only can be paired under 2.4GHz network .
  2. Red light means the thermostat is online, blue light means the heater is powering on.
  3. If unplug the thermostat 4 times or more and each time shorter than 5 seconds, internal WiFi connecting information will be cleared, you need to pair the thermostat with WiFi again.
  4. WiFi or network disconnected will cause thermostats offline and heater powering off.
  5. The blue LED indicator of the thermostat may not light up at the first time when you finished the WIFI connecting, you need to wait for a couple of seconds due to network searching and connecting.
  6. The setting temperature should be at least 0.5 ℃ higher than room temperature in order to power on the heater.
  7. The temperature sensor of device is at the bottom of the plug, do not cover or put the thermostat where there will be heat, and better to make the temperature sensor down while you plug the thermostat into wall socket.
  8. Maximum load of wifi thermostat is as below:

EU 3680W/16A, UK 3120W/13A

  1. Do not use this thermostat in wet or running water environment.
  2. Please pull out the thermostat from power socket if long time no use.

Read more about how to control the smart application.

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