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See 5D Infrared Heating Projects by Royal Infrared in Spain and Europe

Infrared panel in kitchen - 5D visualization
5D Visualizations by Royal Infrared Heating

Need a 5D Visualization to see how the panels would look in your home? Our team would be happy to help with this. We are also very proud to show our featured projects made for our clients in 5D in Spain and Europe.

5D Project for a castle-style house and guesthouse in Málaga, Spain

The Royal Infrared team had the challenging task of providing efficient heating to a house with over 350 square meters of living space and 3-4 meter high ceilings. The house was originally fitted with fireplaces as supplementary heating. But this is a very uncomfortable type of heating and only heats up to 3-5 square meters from the fireplace. Therefore, x10 Domus infrared panels by Royal Infrared were the ideal solution for heating these houses.


5D Project for "Las Palmas" in Spain

The Las Palmas residence is located in the north of Spain. When building this house, there was an immediate need for good quality heating with low electricity consumption. This is why it was decided to use Royal Infrared panels. Moreover, in such a way that no wires were visible. In other words, so that the panels would look perfect on the walls.

Thanks to this design and the details we provided to the customer, the infrared panels were installed on the walls perfectly. And during the cold months, the customer enjoys the cozy warmth of Royal Infrared panels.

The homeowners control the heating with their smartphones and separate thermostats in each room. The Royal Infrared – the best smart heating solution in Spain.

Jane and Robert – “We are very pleased that we originally thought about heating our home and found Royal Infrared. We plan to use solar panels and so it will be perfect for us. Quality heating and 0 electricity costs. Many thanks to Leo Derain for the detailed design and your assistance.”


5D Project for Bedroom in "El Sol I" in Spain

Living room in a 4-bedroom apartment in the residence “El Sol I” in the west of Spain. The room has an area of 24 square meters. With 2 interior doors and a large window. Therefore it was a challenge to heat the room well. It was also necessary to eliminate the humidity that comes from the adjacent bathroom with the jacuzzi.

It took just one “Domus” 900W infrared heating panel from Royal Infrared for efficient heating. The panel was hung on the wall, behind the sofa. A perfect place for the panel, especially for cold winter evenings on the sofa.

Bedroom in the same apartment also needed an efficient heating

Lucas: “Thank you very much for the excellent panels. They look amazing and give very good quality heat. It took less than an hour to install. Connected to mains electricity through the wall. I control the heating from my phone and the thermostat on the wall. Thank you!

5D Project for "El Mar IV" in Spain

The El Mar IV residence is located in the north of Spain. The customer requested to install several infrared heating panels “Domus” in his house. Before installing the panels the customer wanted to see how the panels would look like on walls. 

The customer requested just partial heating for the kitchen to ensure it is heated well nearby the window. Panel 580W is enough for this need.

In the bedroom of 24 square meters, it was very cold during winter because of a big window. The Royal Infrared provided the customer with the infrared heating panel “Domus” 900W. 

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